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Façade cleaning technology

Clean-Kong is the first industrial robot allowing cleaning of high rise building façades. It gives an image of innovation to the building whilst respecting its operators and the environment.

Clean-Kong is fitted with innovative cleaning system developed by Erylon and patented into forty countries. Benefit from our Innovation for your façades.

Innovation on your façades

The aesthetic of flagship buildings is regularly deteriorated by the installation of scaffoldings, by the operation of lift platform trucks or suspended platform that damage the image of the headquarters.

Thanks to it’s compact dimensions and small footprint, , Clean-Kong products preserve the image of the buildings.

Clean-Kong contributes to the extension of the lifetime of the façades and facilitates the optimisation of the roof layout.

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Quality of work life

The level of window cleaning quality impacts directly improves the perception of quality of life on the office premises and increases the company esteem for its employees.

Clean-Kong preserves the privacy and confidentiality of building facilities avoiding the visual intrusion that windows cleaner generate may unintentionally cause.


Fully electrically powered, Clean Kong doesn’t produce exhaust gases and runs silent avoiding disturbance to occupants or bystanders.

Efficiency of water and microfiber

The cleaning is assured by a microfiber roller which both to extracts the dirt dried onto the glass, as well as giving a glossy and homogeneous effect.

The cleaning process doesn’t use detergent but only pure water. The environment, the operators and the building are thus preserved.

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Reduced monitored water consumption

With the concern of saving of natural resources, Clean-Kong technology requires only a small amount of water, requiring as little as 3 litres of pure water to clean 100 m2 of glass.


Say goodbye to spilling and unwanted water spray

Waste water retrieving

The Clean-Kong cleaning process is designed to retrieve the waste water generated by the cleaning.

The waste water is collected by the robot allowing it to be discharged into a water treatment installation instead of flowing excessively down the building and eventually penetrating deep soil.

A chemical analysis of this waste water gives information to the facility managers helping to optimise the cleaning frequency.

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Improvement of operators working conditions

All the Clean-Kong solutions of Erylon are designed to improve the work conditions of their operators as well as to minimize the disturbance for the occupants.

The operators work on ground level and are thus not exposed to the risk of falling.

The robotised solutions provide the mechanical action necessary to an efficient cleaning through electrical motors. Exempted of repetitive movements, the operators are then preserved of MSDs (Musculo Skeletal Disorders).

Ease of installation

Thanks to their low water consumption and low power supply, the Clean-Kong solutions are designed so that their installation is fast and convenient. The tanks enbeded onto the Clean-Kong robot provide simple autonomous installation no longer requiring access water network.

The dismountable, standard and transportable version of the Clean-Kong hoist system allows easy movement of the equipment from building to building. Stabilized by counterweights, this hoist version doesn’t require anchorage.