Équiper un bâtiment Clean-Kong

Solutions tailor-made, integrated to your building

The several existing types of Clean-Kong hoist systems allow adaptation to a variety of different types  of architecture.

Integrated into the initial design of the building, Clean-Kong simplifies the roof layout design. Integrated onto an existing building, Clean-Kong replaces or complement the existing BMU (Building Maintenance Units).

Integration engineering studies

Our engineers carry out the integration engineering studies from the drawings or the measurement of your building and advise you to adapt the cleaning equipment to your needs.

Clean-Kong clean facade windows

Cleaning on demand

With our simple, fast, and stealthy installation we can enable cleaning on demand without mobilising crane equipment nor requiring the intervention fo a certified external body.

Fitted with its dedicated Clean-Kong equipment your building enjoy cleanings as often as you want. These cleanings can be driven by your own team that we will train.

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