Clean-Kong, The industrial robot that cleans your facades

Clean windows for clear ideas

Facility managers, Let us help you improve the global performance of your building.  

Architects and builders, Discover our economical solutions that simplify roof layout

The Clean-Kong solutions allow you to maintain and enhance the luxury of the building while preserving safely the environment and your manpower.

Glass facade
Clean-Kong cleaning windows robot in action

Erylon cleans tomorrow’s world Today

Urban space has grown in verticality and brightness. Technology and digital are today an integral part of the focus of the building design.

Erylon fit the buildings with façade cleaning robots that has become today as essential as elevators or air conditioning.

Smart cities won’t be just digital. They will be also clean.

Transparency and efficiency

Our Erylon team offers to our clients and partners the same transparency and efficiency as our Clean-Kong robot provides to your façades.

Committed to making cities cleaner, without compromising on the safety and protection of the environment, our team gives excellent advice and support to successful project installation, your implementation studies, or building cleaning performance

Clean-Kong windows cleaning robot Paris Erylon

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Clean-Kong facade cleaning robot Paris face
Facade Cleaning robot back
Clean-Kong Facade Cleaning robot profil

• Up to 1200 m² / day

• 3 litre / 100 m²

• No detergent

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